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Ways of payment

Room 1 - Payment in cash to the courier


After you select goods in the online shop the buyer places an order which specifies the address for delivery (home, office, or wherever). A courier brought the goods at the specified address and receives the money.

Long live cash! Still alive in people the love of money, cash will be the most popular method of payment.

The benefits of this way, maybe we can enumerate endlessly: 
a) 99.9% guarantee of receipt of the goods (the buyer) and money (seller). Cheat here, of course, possible, but not more than in a usual shop. 
b) Possibility to check the goods (and completeness) and return it by refusing to purchase. 
C) Look into the eyes of a living person, to ask him to tell about the product, show it to work. 
d) to Obtain all the necessary documents, such as: warranty card, receipt, etc.

The disadvantages are also evident: 
a) Not always nice to see at home (or office) stranger (courier)to communicate with him. 
b) Often waiting courier torture, and discourages any desire to buy anything.

Conclusion: To our not protected by the laws on the rights of the consumer, buyer, this method will long remain one of the most simple, reliable, comfortable. For the seller, however, it is not so simple, especially when sales to other cities.


Room 2 - Payment and receive earlier the ordered goods in the store


This method of payment for reliability does not differ from simple shopping in a brick and mortar store. The buyer chooses the goods in the online shop, places an order and the next day is as indicated on the website address, where is making money in the Fund, will receive a receipt and the goods. Satisfied, goes home.

Advantages for the buyer all the same as in option 1, plus: 
a) Look up at the store, we can make the conclusion about reliability of the firm-seller. 
b) In case of any problems to deal with actually existing store still simpler than with a virtual shop. 
C) no one will invade a home or in the office of the buyer, will not carry dirty snow on the new carpet in the corridor, and with a sour mine to answer so many questions with the phrase: «Che, was it hard on the site to see?». Still, shop - a shop.

The disadvantage for the buyer - have to break away from the favorite monitor (toys, work, rest and to travel across town to the store to purchase.

The disadvantage for the seller - the opening of the salon «in addition» to the online store is quite costly. Therefore, this pleasure can only afford a brick and mortar retail outlets, who decided to try their strength in trade through a Network.

Conclusion: For not very experienced in Internet-shops, payment, merchandise and other wisdoms, client, possessing a certain amount of free time is the best way. The process of buying in the store familiar to all, and surprises here should not be.


Room 3 - cod


After ordering the merchandise is sent to the buyer by mail. Payment is made at the post office, directly before receiving.

a) will deliver the Goods even in the most remote corner of our vast country. 
b) only have to Go to the nearest post office.

Of several disadvantages: 
a) the Main drawback of this method for a buyer purchased «the cat in the bag». To check what was expelled Internet-shop it is possible only after payment. 
b) delivery by mail is very unreliable thing - the product can be damaged during transport. 
in a Small Supplement to the purchase price.

Conclusion: the Way for those customers who can not use the first two options.

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